Birthdate: September 8, 1971 Birthplace: Winchester , VA

David grew up in his earlier years on the Skymont Subud Commune with his mother Mardi, father Lewis and siblings Roseanna, Richmond, Patricia and Robert/Alexis. He is the baby of the bunch. *S* The commune was in many ways a self running and maintained entity with a restaurant and other facillites within to help support the members although many held and did work outside the camp. Davids mom Mardi taught acting classes and ran a storytime theater there.

Some of Davids family below

Thanks to Davids Cousin Ed for these pics!

pic 1 Mom Mardi & grandpa Joe
pic 2 family-back - Dad, Alexis, David
Front-Mom Mardi,Grandpa Joe, Patricia
pic 3 Paternal grandpa Cliff (Charley Weaver) & Dad

Here is a link to two of the former Skymount Subud members with whom I keep in touch, Simon Russell and Marzuki Grinage, both who used to play with David as kids and now making a nitch for themselves with the music biz in the bay area. Just click on their names and you'll be tranported to their links, you'll have to use your back button to get back to this site.

Other former members included: Hamid and Rajhashida Camp. Hamid has acted all over the big screen and made sure Davids mom Mardi was comforted with folk music at her bedside during her passing. Also, Hennrietta and Lorenzo Music & Family (voice of Garfield the Cat) and Rhodas doorman "Carlton" on "Rhoda". One of Lorenzos sons Sam was a part of the Band Ear 2000 David played in as was Gabe Cowan - go here for the Ear 2000 link on this site:

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About the time Davids family left the commune Dad Lewis became a featured regular on the 70's hit tv series 'The Waltons' He played the cantankerous J.D.Pickett (Erins boss) during the war time era part of the series.....'The Waltons' is still in re-runs in many parts of the U.S.

The commune went the way of dust in the later 70' s as did other social experiments. There are many former member(see links above) who remember David and his dear family fondly. I have only heard the sweetest things from them about the 'Arquettes'. One member remembers him as the cutest little guy with the sweetest demeanor. Another remembers him as kind of shy and quiet.....definitely the opposite of the public personna he has created as a celebrity.

David 7th grade L.A.C.E.'s picture

His family moved out to L.A. (Hollywood) closer to where work could be had for Lewis and because of Roseannas career pursuits. Having been born and raised in So Calif LA myself I know that the area in which they lived was just a couple of streets away from the red light district where many of what society considers the 'dregs' of humanity hung out. I can relate well. I come from the same backround and my upbringing involved having the priviledge of rubbing elbows with the rich and famous as well as mingling among the drug addicted and impoverished. This has a great deal to do with my pursuits in a career in Psychology as much as this upbringing would have effected Davids grasp of humanity in tapping into the character of each of the many roles he has taken. Quite frankly I have not seen Davids movie 'Johns', in particular, because I know it would just hit home too hard with me and I'd end up upset and in tears throughout the movie. I'm grateful for the experience and the compassion for all people it has taught me....and it has obviously served Mr. Arquette well in his acting pursuits.

David grad pic from Fairfax High

While in L.A. David attended Fairfax highschool. I am not for certain but I suspect that is where he learned to play trumpet. It was where he had his first acting experience. His sisters had been encouraging him to act proabably to try to divert him from vandalizing buses with Graffitti but untill he assumed there was money involved he didn't pay them much mind.

Davids extracuricular activities

It was his first play "The Seventh Son" Some girls came up to him and asked him to be in the play, they had told him some other guy was paid for it at another school. He auditioned and won a part. At the close of the final show he went up to his teacher - Ben DeBaldo - and asked for his pay. Mr. D. explained to David that students weren't paid for school plays. David wasn't happy, and came back upset. Mr D. gave in to his request for $'s for services rendered with a $100 check. Having been employed as a public school teacher myself at one time, $100 is hard to come by even today 'groan' BUT when David became an acting success in showbiz he went back to that teacher, paid him back plus something more.

Davids Brothers and Sisters

For more pics of Davids Family and Friends go here:

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Lifes events brought David to Courteney Cox in their working on the Scream Trilogy together. It was there they met and fell in love. David was counseled by Wes Craven not to pass on such a wonderful catch.
Pic from "Scream"
David took his advice and proposed to Courteney on vacation with her family in Florida by hiring a barge full of fireworks, waiting untill they began to explode and popped the question. Fortunately for David, Miss Courteney said, "Yes".
In June of 1999 David wed Courteney Cox at Grace Cathedral in San Fransisco, California. Clicking on the picture of the happy couple will take you to two pages of wedding ahd Honeymoon pictures

Davids life continues to be full of wonder...his greatest production manifest into the world in June of 2004.
Baby Coco Arquette was born to David and Courteney. Due to Davids request I will not be posting any pictures of Coco within this site for security purposes except those that are approved or non-descript.
I can tell you first hand tho, she is ADORABLE !
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