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6/99 Some sad news for Ear2000 fans.....the guys are no longer playing. Too many separate careers and commitments. For info on the band that 'was' please keep reading and enjoy.

I dont have much info on the band yet but am trying...... I do know that the members consist of David Arquette of course but mainly and most foremost
Sam Music, Gabe Cowan, Adam Benjamin, Ryan Francesconi

I do know that Sam and Dave grew up together at Skymont Subud Commune in Virgina. Sam being the son of Henrietta and Lorenzo Music (dad was/is voice of cartoon character 'Garfield' the cat.) Gabe has also known David since way back, however I don't know if it was from as back far as commune days or into L.A. I hope to obtain some info about Gabe and more on Sam as time passes. Look below for a link to a page I've just created exclusively on Adam Benjamin and below that is a link up to Ryans own web page!

I know the main thrust of the band is to pursue an 'avante garde' approach to music. I find it interesting that their most famous piece is entitiled 'The Race' on the Scream 2 soundtrack.....interesting to me because my only published poem was entitled the same and can be read in the "New American Poetry Anthology" the 1988 edition.

THANKS to Adam Benjamins Mom I have the pleasure of presenting to all ear 2000 fans a page exclusively about Adam! 'way cool' To read more about him....

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Thanks Mrs. Benjamin!!!

Here is a link to the Italian loving master of brievity Ryan Francesconi - it's basically a resume' but hopefully I can get some more personal info on him as time passes

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Here is a site where you can hear a sound sample of the song 'The Race' off the Scream2 soundtrack.........also where you can purchase that soundtrack.

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Here is a site done by 'AlienBoy' for the Band ear 2000

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Below is a play Bill from the 'Dragon Fly' a nightclub on Santa Monica Blvd in L.A. I enlarged it for easier reading *S*

An ear 2000 Bill/Post

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