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Sept. 8th, 1971
A couple activities from @DavidArquette Twitter account: "Just bowled a turkey on my birthday! 40's good for my game. http://yfrog.com/nzrtuyij"
"Thank you for making my Malaria No More Crowdrise.com campaign a success!"


David on "Dancing with the Stars" Season 13


This is a link to abc.com where you can keep with all things David is doing with "Dancing with the Stars!"

It's true. Season 13 will never be the same for ABC's Dancing with the Stars! He is paired with two time champion Kym Johnson. I will be posting clips of all their routines, right here in the news section until I can put on a separate link, which will still be available from this news Section. And of course this would happen (they really were good keeping this secret) while I'm in the middle or re-vamping pictures section. (huge undertaking) LOL GOOD LUCK David and Kym !!! xoxo's Bunny Dunn



This is a link to movies David may have in the making - just click on to search by 'actors' and locate by surname Arquette


Upcoming Movies . Com



Propr Attire can now be found here:


For updates check here at AOTN or Propr's FB account here:

Propr Attire



Follow this link by clicking on the pic below, to some fun pics David has collected of the Propr experience.

Below is my fave pic because it has my dress in the doorway!!
I love cool white linen and cotton fabric's - Bunny Dunn tested and approved! Yay Propr!


From David
Friday, December 26, 2008

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas but now let’s keep that caring spirit...
Going throughout the year! This is a new time - a new direction that we can all choose to move in - a positive direction - so I encourage all of you to do what you can to make this world a better place and be the best people we can be. Let's live your lives coming from a place of LOVE. Alright so I know that sounds corny and all but it's the truth. I have recently been doing a lot of work for Feeding America - feedingamerica.org - and I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to get involved personally - to make a positive difference in the lives of good people. That being said there is another cause that has come to my attention via MySpace... The Senator Theater in Baltimore is in danger of shutting down. If you're not aware of this amazing deco theater it is a national treasure. It's been family owned for 69 years and they are making a move to have it become a community owned non-profit theater with live shows and classic movie screenings - but they have several bills to pay to enable them to do this. Now I know this is a hard time for so many people out there and saving a theater might now be on the top of the list but this is about history, this is about having buildings like this for our children. So if you are at all in the position to help please get involved - check out their MySpace page at...


So PLEASE check it out for updates and donation information. This is a time sensitive issue. Thank you all for your love and support and let's all have a wonderfully rich future together. On a side note I've had a wonderful holiday. We spent Christmas at home with the family in from Alabama and Atlanta. Coco loves seeing Courteney's mother, she calls her her GMA. My new year's resolution is to go back to school, to learn more to become a better person. We all wish you a happy new year.

Your pal, David Arquette

In conjunction with Satya Jewelry



Look for Davids movie

Screamfest "The Tripper" will premiere:

Friday Oct.13th - 8 pm. at Theatre #1 at the Mann's Chinese "6" not the old one.
And YUP, that's Friday the 13th!
"The Tripper" Stars: Thomas Jane, Jason Mewes (Jay of "Jay and Silent Bob"),Jamie King, Lukas Haas, Balthazar Getty, Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman), Paz de la Huerta, Ben Gardiner, Brad Hunt, Bert Kinyon, Marsha Thomson, Christopher Allen Nelson, Stephen Heath, Josh hammond, with a cameo by Courteney Cox Arquette
Written by Joe Harris and David Arquette
Directed by David Arquette
More Info for this showing and all of "Scream Fest" schedule can be found at:

"The Tripper" Showing at the following Theater:
Mann's Chinese L.A. "6"
6801 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
phone (323) 464-8111

General Scream Fest Info:
Scream Fest Office:
8840 Wilshire 2nd floor
Beverly Hills, Calif.90211
phone: (310)-358-3273

Seating is limited and tickets can be purchased on line through the Mann Theater site at:

Thanks and Happy Regards,
Bunny Dunn
"Arquette on the Net!"


Watch David and Courteneys new TBS series (producing) "Daisy Does America" with British celebrity Daisy Donovan. You can find more info at TBS.com This series will air in the U.S. Tues nights 10 Eastern/9 Central. Watch Daisy as the latter day female comical version of George Plimpton trying on all kinds of hats from past times, like poker with the pros to vocations - all in hopes of trying to gain some assimilation to American culture ??? Daisy....you do know all of us Americans would rather be Brits? 'smiles' All kidding aside. Good Luck Ms. Daisy! You can do it!

Shark Boy and Lava Girl - 3D
Opening June 10th
Click for larger image

Official website: The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl - 3D

AOL Moviefone
Yahoo! Movies


Latest Projects

Chlorine (2006) (pre-production) .... Pat // The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3-D (2005) (post-production) .... Dad // Darwin Awards (2005) (post-production) Slingshot (2005) .... Ash // Riding the Bullet (2004) .... George Staub // Never Die Alone (2004) .... Paul // Stealing Sinatra (2003) .... Barry Keenan // A Foreign Affair (2003) .... Josh // ... aka 2 Brothers & a Bride (USA: DVD title) // Essentially Naked (2003) (V) .... Gordie Boggs (segment "We're Not Gonna Take It")

You can find pictures for "Riding the Bullet", "Never Die Alone", "Stealing Sinatra" and "A foriegn Affair" in the movie picture section of this site.


Congratz on Baby Coco's baptism with Jennifer Anniston named Godmother, April 11th, 05 at St. Stephen's Episcopal in Birmingham, Alabama, by Rev. Doug Carpenter who btw also married David and Courteney at Grace Catherdral in San Fransico in June of 99


Birth of COCO REILY ARQUETTE June,13 04

Watch for Davids upcoming appearance with Caroline Rhea on Monday Oct. 21st. I will be 'in studio' churning out four commercials at the time it airs on Monday, so you all will have to let me know how it goes!


David in new movie "The Grey Zone" opening Oct 18th. Sorry folks, I won't be seeing this one.....I have a HUGE HEART and know it will remind me too much of things too close to it. Russian/Serbo-Croat Romany Gyspy ancestry Rusnak tribe.....many gypsy folk exterminated in the holocaust. Altho, mostly those from my tribe are blonde haired blue eyed and survived....like I said, just too close to my heart. For a link to a trailer of this movie go to:


David will be appearing on the following late night talk shows to promote upcoming film "8 Legged Freaks"
Conan O'Brien Thurs 7/18
Carson Daly 7/25
Craig Kilbourne 7/26
Best Wishes and Break a Leg David!


For the transcript of the AOL live chat on 7/15 to promote "Eight Legged Freaks" Click below:



On July 15th aol is sponsoring a live event 'aol chat' to promote upcoming movie 'Eight Legged Freaks' originally entitled 'Arach Attack but of course with current world circumstances not PC so ELF the new title. The live chat slated for 7pm ET.


July 17th new flick starring David Arquette 'Eight Legged Freaks' will be opening. Giant Spider/Creatures attack. Seems to be being hyped as a re-visit to scary B flicks.


Fun site for "Eight Legged Freaks" Opening July 17th
I am putting this link on the 'contents' page of this site.....
since the link is to a site not within our domain
use your back button to return. Enjoy!
"Click Here"


One project slated to be in the works "Screenland" is not listed at the above Upcoming movies .com addy under Davids name but here is a link to it with a bit of info on the project. Also, an interesting fact, the "Silent Movie" theater is right across the street from Fairfax high where David went to school.


Some sad news here
"At around 10pm PST on Saturday February 10th Lewis Arquette died in his sleep with most of his family gathered around him. I thought you should know. We're having a memorial service up in Northern California this coming Saturday."
Our Condolances go out to all family and freinds grieving the loss. From "Arquette on the Net!"

DAVID ARQUETTE CHAT David Arquette will host a chat on AOL Live, backstage from Kemper Arena to promote Slamboree on Sunday, May 7 from 6:30 to 7 PM ET

Update 4/00
Here is a link to the 'Ready to Rumble' promotion site: Click Here

This just came to me today 3/24
Dear Webmaster,                 Just wanted to let you know that drDrew.com has a new interview with David Arquette on our website. We thought you and visitors to your site might enjoy reading it. The web address for the interview is . http://www.drdrew.com/publish/profiles/A556.html Happy reading!
                We also wanted to notify you about an upcoming appearance by David Arquette on The drDrew.com Show on April 12th at 7:30 pm PST. He will be chatting with Dr. Drew about topics that matter most. So be sure to check out David live on our site. The address is for the show is http://www.drdrew.com/show/. Thank you and hope you enjoy the show! -drDrew.com

Update 1/00
Ayana Dusanberry from MTV e'd me this today 1/28/00

Subject: Get Snowed In with the cast of Scream 3 !!!
MTV's Snowed In 2000 is taking over Snow Summit in Big Bear Lake, California for 48 hours of music, celebrities, and par-tay action. Showing up: the cast of Scream3 - - including Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox & David Arquette-- and musical guests 'N Sync (eeee!), Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees (eeee again !!!) - What a Party !!!! Can't wait for it to start? Why not vote in our Video Snowdown Poll to get yourself in the Partaying mood? check it out at: Click Here for link - - feel free to post this link on your page to share the party with others...Stay Warm !!!
------------------------------------ ---
ayana dusenberry SonicNet - MTVinteractive Group

Thanks for the info Ayana

Update 1/00
Rodger Grossman the director/producer for 'Darby Crash' has e'd me to let me know that the film will be going foward into production as slated but without David. No hard feelings, just a parting of the ways.


For those of you who have been asking - I've been in contact recently with the Rodger Grossman who will be directing David in the upcoming flick 'What we do is Secret' on the life and times of Darby Crash the punk rock singer of 'The Germs'. He also wrote the screenplay. Shooting is slated to begin January of 2000 so it will be awhile before we see it on the screen. I recommend reading this site for a little back round if you're curious.

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