'Bun Curtsies' askew always
Sometimes people wonder how and why I started doing this stuff for David Arquette. It's pretty simple. I LOVE to create, had some time on my hands after a surgery and wanted to try my hand at learning html and was happy to oblige.
Why David?
I knew some of the folks from his commune days, grew up in the same general locale from his years growing up So Calif. and my great big heart wanted to make sure the Arquette kids NEVER had to get I.O.U.'s for Christmas ever again....nor have their parents need to borrow money from friends for groceries.
At the time this site started David was probably the least known of the "Arquettes" who were trying to 'break in' to the 'biz' And 'Web' publicity definitely a most useful tool.
Also, when this began, both of his folks were still alive, he was single and hadn't yet met Courteney Cox to whom he is now married.
All these years later, he certainly doesn't need any kind of career boost or extra publicity ......but once into something I do it with committment, geneorisity and dependablitly.
So here I am, still at it. and having fun.....

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