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Hollywood Online - Movie Talk - Sound byte interviews regarding "Johns' & "The Alarmist"

VH 1 Tommy Tunes - My system can't make this 3.1 meg sound clip out but the teaser said something like 'David Arquette dispells his hard living, party boy, high fashion male model image in this somber runaway clip.'


Most recent news listed first

These are links to articles written about David Arquette. With passing time and because news moves on, the link owners will delete these articles to make room for newer news.....so if there is a dead link in your search here this is probably what has occured.

The U. - Interview with David Arquette by Jessica Lyons assistant editor 5/99
The Weekender - Film brings out best in David Arquette

TNT - Roughcut - David Arquette Q & A 5/99

Scream Wedding - From the Scream-trilogy site an article on the real life upcoming pairing of scream stars David and Courteney. 5/99
Thanks to Amanda for locating the above article!

TV guide online - Interview: "The many loves of David Arquette" 5/99

Courting Courteney - Arquette is planning thier wedding and planning to keep the press out of it. 4/99

USA today article- Arquette is glad to be goofy. 4/99

Never Been Kissed Article from Entertainment weekly news.

David Arquette - 4/9/99 Calagary Sun Article by Louis Hobson on general David life info

Mr.Showbiz -News article regarding Courtneys NOT expecting and Davids past drug use.

"No David!" - I just found this. It contains a quote from David Arquette in behalf of a childrens book entitled "No David!" very colorfully illustrated.

Bi llboard Article - Regarding Davids Arquette upcoming role as 'Frank-N-Furter' in L.A.'s Tiffany Theaters stage production of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and his role in "Darby Crash".

Raveno us - Movie preview article on "Ravenous" new David Arquette Flick to be released February of 99.

Ain't it Cool News - View Article on Upcoming David Arquette Film 'Ravenous'.....there are HUGE spoilers in this article so don't read if you want to see the film before knowing the story.

Mr.Showbiz Oct 98 story on Courtney and David expecting

People on-lineOct. 98 story David and Courtneys engagement

Sur face Article - David interviewed by Britt Schoenoff regarding mostly his true personality and the personna he takes on in each acting role.

People on-lineStory of David Arquettes career-Photo on Riviera beach in Nice France (where my french side of my family is from!)

Lau nch Online Interviews Interview with David just prior to 'Dream with the Fishes' opening

FUEL article- Interview with David about "Dream with the Fishes"

Alive & Kicking-Another "Dream with the Fishes" article

JAM Movie Artists - Two articles, one regarding David and Courtneys engagement the other via the 'Calgary Sun' on David's role in 'Johns' THE best article on David written to date imho.

AOL chat - David on AOL chat interviewed by fans posting questions to on-line

Hollywood Online Press Room Story of David Arquette at 'Johns' premiere

Johns Article-article about the production of Johns and interview with David on the second page

DETAILS Q & A-Oct 96 DETAILS-Q & A interview by Stephen Saban

20/20 Cinevision -Univ of Geog. students on being Scream2 extras

The News Times - Dream with the Fishes article/interview with David
Sundance film fest -97 Dream with the Fishes

MGM Online - Wild Bill article

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