Close Encounters of a David Kind!

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Its Tiffany again i want to write this for the close encounters of a David kind on the page =)
David Arquette was in town for a WcW event and my brother wanted me to go to get autographs at the hotel. I was so excited the day of the event. I got there to find out we had missed David by 10 minutes. I was crushed! We of course we getting a bunch of WCW stars. When 3 other people arrived i heard somebody say IT'S DAVID ARQUETTE!!! I was like where and i turned around and saw David walking with another guy i run up to him and he says Hey..Nice to meet you and im so shy...i am blushing and i ask sign my video? and he takes the video and the other guy says this is going to be a cool collectible and David say yeah it is. I am so happy and I say thanks and run to where all our stuff is. I pick up my magazine picture as my bro runs back from the car. He signs my brothers Cd cover and My magazine pic (my second item signed!!!) He takes pictures with me and my brother and walks in the hotel to the resturant. I am so happy. We went home and came back later that night. I got 4 more autographs from David.(6 autographs total!) I was feeling guilty about wasting his private time. I said thank you for signing so much It really means alot to me. He smiles and says my pleasure and pats me on the back and walks towards the resturant. I was so happy i felt if i was going to scream.
To David:
I want to thank you again for being such a sweetheart! Your personality is like a gem and I hope you always stay that way. Make more movies and stay sweet. I am always going to be your fan!! Never ever listen to those people out there that don't like your movies. Keep your head high. I wish you the best in all you do. Also tell courtney That she is one of the best actresses out there. She is very pretty and talented.
Tiffany Winn say:

David on Conan

By Katy Arquette

Last October, I got tickets to Late Nite with Conan O'Brien. None of my close friends could go so I invited a friend from AOL! Well, you had to be at the theater by 4:00 so after school I had to run to the train station and take the LIRR to Manhattan. I got out of Penn Station and caught a bus. But the bus was sooo slow and I was on 33rd st and had to get to 52 st!! So by the time we got to 41st it was like 3:45 and I was almost crying!! I got off the damn bus and starting running for my life!! It was sooo funny now that I think of it! I ran 10 blocks for David Arquette!! And I finally got to the theater and I was sweating and all out of breath but I made it!! They started letting people in and got to us and said, " Only 5 more..." and thank god, we were one of the last 5!!" So we went in and sat down the show began and then David came on!!! I was in shock!!!! He did all crazy things and then during the band, I just stared at David sitting in the chair. Then as the show credits were rolling, I started waving to David and he saw me and gave me the cutest wave back!! I was sooo happy I was gonna cry!!! =-) It was the cooleset day and I love Davey!!!!

Dream with the Fishes

By Summer Morgan

My sister told me that this movie called Dream with the Fishes was going to be shown in a theater close to our house. She said that David Arquette was the star and he would be there. So i said sure ok it will be fun because I like David Arquette. So we went and on the way into the theater I saw him just standing next to the door and I told my sister. Then we sat down and watched the movie. After the movie he went on stage with the director, I forget his name. The whole time he was on stage he was looking at my sisters camera, we were sitting pretty close to the stage. Then while we were walking out we got his autograph on pictures of him we got out of magazines. Then I took a picture of him with my sister. Then we walked outside and he leaned up against the wall and smoked. I was surprised nobody noticed who he was! My sister took another picture of him and that was it. It was really fun!

ear2000 in Spain
by K. A. from Madrid

They played at CHESTERFIELD CAFE. I was in 5 concerts, but they played 9 times. My times were: 28/june, and 1, 3, 5, and 6 of July. I went to the first concert cause I love the SCREAM movies, so I wanted to meet David Arquette. I went with one of my friends who loves him (She�s crazy about him). I met Adam the first day but we talked just very little. That day I got my SCREAM movie signed by David. Cool!!! Next day I met Adam in the Street while I was going to the place, and then we were talking. The next Friday (night) and next Sunday (morning) we showed him the city. he�s very nice, and very talented in piano. He invited us to take a drink in his room . David is really cool. I asked him if he were going to be in SCREAM 3 and he told me that he thought so. He gave me a clown nose that he wore in a concert (he was disguised as a clown) and gave my friend a small mirrorball. I have to say that he�s really in love with Courteney. Can you believe that Adam was the one that told me they were a couple? I told him " I love Courteney Cox, David�s girlfriend in SCREAM" and he told me " and in real life". Gabe is also really nice. I was talking to him about Movies cause I love Cinema and he told me that he liked PEDRO ALMODOVAR, a very famous director from Spain. He also introduced me to his girlfriend and I tell u a secret... He always plays without shoes. I�m sorry, but I didnt talk to Ryan really much, I think he�s a hard worker, and his girlfriend is beautiful and really funny.I didnt talk really much to Sam either. He�s cool too. Last day, Their manager gave us two EAR 2000 T- Shirts, and they signed them to us. We also got our CDs signed. That night was really cool, everyone having a fun time. They were really nice, Ill never forget those days.

Filming of "The Runner"
by Joseph Griffin

*Editors note: Joe happens to have been be one of my students!

Part of the movie "The Runner" was filmed at my Dads Grocery Outlet store. I was surprised at the long hours it takes just to film. People got there at five A.M. and didn't finish untill three A.M.!! David was always laughing and playing. He had a cot on wheels that he'd ride around in....bringing over a huge water cooler offering drinks to the crew and me. We said, "No thanks, we didn't want water" and the next thing you know he was back. He bought soda pop and chips for all of us instead! Also, while filming between breaks I was peeking over the candy aisle at Courtney Cox, she saw me and whispered for me to throw her down a candy bar!
In a scene in the movie David and Courtney are in the check out line of the store and one of those annoying automated registers with the monotone voice was stating the price of everything, Davids part was to ask the clerk if she could turn the machine off (she responds not possible) then he mocks jokingly in his own voice the register.......grabs a toy ring throws it in the check out pile and says in the register voice, "One wedding ring a dollar ninety nine - Will you marry me?" And Courtneys part was to accept, then he throws a bunch of cash up into the air, they run out and he says, "Now let's buy you a REAL wedding ring"!

The Freaky Parade
by Roger Stanley

Dear Bunny,
Thank you for writing me back. I am a doctor from Texas living in Prague. This time last year, David was here filming "Ravenous". While they were here, I spent alot of time with Joe Running Fox "George", and quite a bit of time hanging out with David. We had some good times. I would like to stay in touch with David. I talk to Joe all of the time.
I will now tell you a little Dave story from Prague.
One night Joe and I were at a friend of mines' sports bar here in Prague. We met up with David, and David had two sycophantic admirers with him. They were very typical of the American kids who end up staying here for some time. They were misfits in the States (as most of us are who live here). These kids travel around Europe with backpacks, and after buying $7 hamburgers in Paris, and $8 beers in Germany, they think that Prague is paradise. The beers are .60 cents here, and you can survive on hotdogs that cost about the same. Plus, this is Bohemia, after all- and you can be as weird as you want here and go unnoticed. I don't think that there is anything out there that Prague has not seen.
These two particular "fans" were just your average young dumb Americans living here for a short period to be cool, and tell their friends that they lived in Europe. These folks never learn much, if any, Czech. They only go to American establishments. They only hang out with others of their kidney. They hang out at coffee shops, drink pots of coffee, smoke countless packs of cigarettes, read and write postcards, and think they are Kafka. It is very Gothic here and romantic here, and they get caught up in it all - until they get recalled by mom and dad, who cut off the funds. I think you get the picture.
The two who had attatched themselves to David were as follows: she was about 18, with a burr haircut, many tattoos, and countless piercings. I think the hair was at the burr stage because previously she had the Sinead O'Connor - concentration camp 'do, but it was in the growing out / transitional stage. She was doing all she could to be rebellious, but she was just trying tooooo hard, which made her just sterotypical. The stereotypical Junior Feminist / Anti - Establishment / Anarchial / Rebel. He, on the other hand, I found to be quite fascinating. He was extremely clean - cut and fastidious to the point of being natty. He wore khakis and a button - down with loafers. He looked more like the Preppies of my generation, than the Generation X Nuvo - Hippies that are so common now. He spoke very properly, and appeared to be from some old East Coast money.He had the Connecticut Ivy League accent, and appeared to be totally out of his element in Prague. This was accentuated by the fact that he was extremely clean, with narely a hair out of place, and he was hanging around with a girl who looked and smelled as if she hadn't bathed in quite some time. What was so fascinating about him was the fact that he had a major keloid scar running down the length of his carotid artery on the left side of his neck. It was obvious that he had a stroke at some point in his relatively short life. The stroke had obviously paralyzed the right side of his face, and he spoke only from the left side of his mouth. What came out of that side of his mouth was this snobbish, East - Coast, Ivy League bullshit. And this palaver spilled out incessantly. It was very difficult and painful to watch and listen to him talk. He was like Thurston Howell on acid.
Well, after spending way too much time listening to "Thurston" talk, and with Sinead throwing in her occaisional barbs, I suggested we go to another place in an attempt to lose them. When I suggested to David and Joe that we go, the two freaks thought that "we" included them. David is too nice to tell them to beat it - so they tagged along.
So, here we are, David, the two Freaks, Joe the Indian with hair down to his waist, and myself, walking through the streets and alleys of Gothic Prague. At one point, I fell off the Group, and walked behind just watching "The Parade". As my best friend Evan and I have been known to do since childhood, I broke into a song - quite loud. It was "The Soft Parade" by The Doors.
It was a very surrealistic scene, and one I will never forget.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
by Kristy

You have a really cool page. david arquette is my hero. last weekend i went to la (i live in san francisco)to see david in rocky horror. i met him on sat. nite after his show, and i could hardly talk to him. i was kinda mumbling but it was really cool. he shook my hand and took a picture with me. and i was like out all nite telling random people that i just met david arquette. it rocked. he has so much energy, and so do i, he reminds me of myself. but, i would give anything to talk to him again. thats all. later.

*Editors note: this portion is written by Kristy to David himself via Celebrity E mail:

"finally you walked out, and walked right past me and i was like totally frozen. But then my friend drug me over and we said hi, and i mumbled a whole bunch of crap too, but i had no idea what i was saying. You kept shaking my hand and you took a picture with us. You kept looking at me with this expression on your face that said "Are you ok?" or at least that how i interpreted it. But you were sooo nice to me"

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