Dave Wavs.......

Dave Wavs

So far most of the WAVS I have are all from "Scream" and "Never Been Kissed" but am hoping to add more soon!

"You're not scared are ya?"

"I'm just gonna be a few minutes, you girls don't go too far"

"Your underage son...just kiddin'....watch the drivin'."

"I'm 25....I was 24 for a whole year"

From "Never Been Kissed"

.....remember highschool.....


"...Josie, you are an adult now....."

"looks like we have some underaged hotties on our hands here"...

about naming cars

This one comes via the Hollywood Press room - David discusses 'Foolish things' he's done in the past

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Hollywood Online

- Movie Talk - Sound byte interviews regarding "Johns' & "The Alarmist"

VH 1 Tommy Tunes

- My system can't make this 3.1 meg sound clip out but the teaser said something like, 'David Arquette dispells his hard living, party boy, high fashion male model image in this somber runaway clip.'

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