The Fact File

Just a few things any die hard David Fan might like to know......

These are random facts in no particular order

Davids friends from his past tell me
he was VERY shy, reserved and quiet
in his growing up years.

Sister Patricia calls him her 'little one'.

Alexis/Robert dispelled the Santa Claus
myth for David while still young
enough to really 'believe'!!! sigh......

Speaking of Alexis(Robert), who has carved a
nitch for himself in Hollywood in drag preformance,
helped advise David in his role a "FrankNFurter"
in the theater version of "Rocky Horror Picture Show".

David sometimes paints to relax

David has a fascination for clowns....
and often these are the subjects of his painting

David is ME !!! ....
and Albert Einstien, Jay Leno, Cher, Tom Cruise,
and umpteen other talented and brilliant people!

When David was a little guy,
he used to go to the corner drugstore
when Star Wars first came out and get the star wars collectable cards
so he could put them together for
the picture of the DeathStar on the back.

Prior to Davids decision to become a thespian
he was accepted at "U of C at Santa Cruz"
.....that's THESPIAN hehe
....(ie: actor)

David loves to collect puppets, clowns and
other assorted odd things...this is a link and
info to one of his favorite shoppes

Off the Wall Antiques
7325 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Thankyou Lisa and Dennis for all your help!

Regarding the band "Ear 2000"
- one of the bands members 'Sam Music'
has been a friend of Davids since childhood.
He is the son of Lorenzo Music
who is the voice of that loveable orange
cartoon kitty 'Garfield'.

Dad Lewis pet name for David is
'David Duck' heheheh

Davids Dad Lewis was a featured regular
on the T.V. series 'The Waltons'.
He played Erins boss the cantankerous
'J.D. Pickett' during the series wartime era.
'The Waltons' TV series is still in re-runs
in many parts of the country.

...speaking of partriarchal units of the
Arquette clan....Each year on
June 13th Mount Ida, Arkansas celebrates
'Charley Weaver Day'
(aka Cliff Arquette - Davids Grandpop)
to find out more scroll down into the
'basement' of this site where I've
included a link to 'Charley Weaver Day'
provided by
the Mount Ida Chamber of Commerce.

Here is a YOUTUBE of Davids Grandpop Charley Weaver
on the old "Hollywood Squares" set. Enjoy!

Charley Weaver was a regular and occupied
the lower right hand square on
the 60's version of the 'Hollywood Squares'.
He also had his own TV series
at one time in the 50's!
'bun applauds'

While still living, Cliff Arquette
founded and developed the tourist
attraction in Gettysburg, Penn. known as
"Cliff Arquettes Soldiers Museum"

I know all David and Courtney fans have
heard this but I have to put it
in just for the record.
David proposed to lovely Court by hiring
a barge full of fireworks to be
shot off the Florida coast at the precise
moment he planned to propose.
I heard it cost him nearly
thirty thousand dollars! WHOA! What an
amazing and romantic proposal!

This is the
'brown paper wrapper'
section of facts
Read at your own risk

David LOVES a woman in silk stockings and
high heels.....perhaps an ankle fettish? 'big smile'

Anyone ever notice how LARGE Davids feet are?
Long fingers too.......hmmmmmm.......'bun ponders'

.....still pondering....I wonder if it's true
what they say about a man with large feet
and long fingers......'bad bunny'!

I found this on another site

=Cool Scream Facts=

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This is a link regarding research
done on gross $ amount brought in from
each David Arquette feature and Independent flick.
Most interesting. Television work not included.

~Click Here~

This is another link called: "The Numbers"
involving Davids Box office data

~Click Here~

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would like to add please feel free
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it in the guestbook and I will be
happy to add it to this page!

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