Fan Fare

The number one ingredient in an actors livelihood is an audience...without which he would have no job, no purpose to entertain. This page is dedicated to all those who are Mr.Arquettes audience but most particularly those who go out of thier way to support his career, follow it and cheer him on his way....the

The above pictures are of Left to right:
Teena, Donna, Amanda, Pituk, Barbara, Jeff and Bryan,Maddy AND
The names highlighted have links of thier very own about David or Courteney. Not only are these people BIG fans of David and his work BUT they have generously put their time and means into making this a great site!

One of these days if I ever aquire a scanner I will scan and post my own auto'd pic from David.

Marco sent these pics of himself
Thanks Marco!


After show pics with fans at "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

who attended SUNDANCE 04
and sent these great pics!

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