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....there's usually not much more than junk in here....but perhaps you'll find a few treasures.......

.....besides David dropping his drawers that is!.....

This Deputy Dewey site has a an online card shop....way friends will tell you, I've used it a lot!
David Arquette Online Greeting Cards

I dont remember what this place is called or how I found it but it is a hoot!
Check this out!

This just totally cracked me up.....I ran onto it just surfing around and KNEW it belonged here on my weird and wacky page...
Rosanna Arquettes Driveway

Look! An online cool is THAT?
Online Keyboard

Here is a cyber Kissing booth! You can send your special someone a great big cyber smooch over the net!

Celebrity Classmates....this is such a fun place....the pics change weekly every Monday.
Celebrity Classmates

Celebrate Charley Weaver Day! AKA Cliff Arquette famed Grandad to darling David....on June 13th Mt.Ida, Ark. pays tribute to his endearing character....most charming *S*
Charley Weaver Day

Play Stare Down Sally! Most bodacious game...see if you can stare Ms. Sally down!
Stare Down Sally

Past Life Game - Find out what or who YOU were in a past life!
Past Life Game

David Playing with CURTIS

YOUTUBE of Lukas Haas preforming in Park City

Lukas Haas Live From Park City

If you've come this far into the depths of the cellar you're certainly worthy of viewing these particular pics but I advise parental consent for people 13 or under for viewing or not at all

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